2580_800_449Welcome To The Home Of The 520 Crew
The 520 Crew is a group of folks from all age groups and all levels of experience from Technician, General and Extra Class Amateur Radio Operators in and around the city of Wichita, Kansas.

Whether you are a new technician or an experienced operator and you’re looking for local rag chew and nightly discussions then you are in the right place. Some of us even play around with SSTV so no good excuse to not sign on air with us and have fun.

The frequency is 146.520 FM. You can tune in and listen or join right in the conversation.

Video with one of the 520 Crew – W0ZWS – Coy at the VFW Post
Shared From The Wichita Eagle

For The New Technician Operator:
Don’t be afraid to key the mic and send out your call sign like you learned in your studies.
We all understand that sometimes when a new ham gets his/her new license it’s often confusing, you’re not sure when to key down and put out your call and you certainly don’t want to interrupt what’s going on, this is understandable and sooner than later you will key down at the same time someone else does (this is known as a double) someone will mention it so you try again. (Don’t sweat it!) It even happens to the most “elite” and experienced operator. “But they will never admit it” hihi.
So relax and follow your basic guidelines and courtesy for others key that mic and all will be good.

We have nightly discussions on so many subjects it would be hard to list them all, We never know what the topic or topics will be from night to night so roll that vfo on over to 146.520 and join in with the 520 Crew.