Antenna Tuners

Here are 2 versions of Antenna Tuners. One manual and One auto.
There are many versions and styles of tuners to choose from, so I won’t get into the “which one is best” nonsense I’ll leave that up to you. I would however encourage you to do your homework on both versions and talk to some Elmer’s or other hams that have used either or both before you decide to jump out and spend a months wages on any of them.

I encourage you to check out Larry – WD0AKX – RadioHamGuy on YouTube.
On his channel he has ton’s of videos on all things radio from old school cool to modern gear.
RadioHamGuy’s YouTube Channel

Manual Tuner
Larry – WD0AKX
Using A Roller Inductor Style Antenna Tuner

Auto Tuner
Palstar Incorporated
Palstar Inc. YouTube Channel
Palstar HF-AUTO 1500 Watt Automatic Antenna Tuner