Ham Radio Software Links.

Ham Radio Deluxe supports most radios that are on the market that have CAT Control built into the radio. HRD
Linux Ham Radio Software – Lots of software here LHR
Slow Scan TV with Windows and Soundcard. MMSSTV
Digital Easypal and other software Easypal
Digital SSTV software for sound card DAR
WSPR implements a protocol designed for probing potential propagation paths with low-power transmissions. WSPR
PC ALE software is an ALE software controller for PC computers. HF Link
PSK31 terminal with improved accessibility features. Win PSK
Airlink Express is a user friendly digital mode software package for the Amateur Radio Operator. AirLink Express
DigiPan stands for “Digital Panoramic Tuning” and brings the ease and simplicity of PANORAMIC reception and transmission to PSK31and PSK63 operation. DigiPan
FDMDV – Frequency Division Multiplex Digital Voice FDMDV
WinDRM – HF Digital Radio Mondiale WinDRM
RTTY with Windows and Soundcard. WinXP – Vista – Win7 MMTTY
TrueTTY v2.95 TrueTTY
The multi-purpose FAX, RTTY / SYNOP / NAVTEX and SSTV program for Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT 4.0, XP, Vista and Windows 7 JVComm32
DominoEX is a computer-based radio mode intended for simplex chat-mode operation on the lower HF bands DominoEX
WSJT-X, WSJT, MAP65, and WSPR are open-source programs designed for weak-signal digital communication by amateur radio. WSJT